Photo by John Londono

Having built up a solid following via their Kannibalen Records imprint, the three-headed beast known as Black Tiger Sex Machine return to center stage with their aptly titled, post-apocalyptic themed album, Welcome To Our Church.

Striking a chord with the masses on the North American festival circuit last year, the Montreal-based crew brings their animalistic live aesthetic into the studio for an album that is intricately constructed and designed to unfold as a proper occult narrative. Featuring what they call “twelve mighty psalms,” the album channels a kind of dark hedonistic energy into a broad range of electro, dubstep, drum & bass, and atmospheric vibes all centered on a larger cinematic framework that shivers and shakes in often unexpected and surprising ways.

Bits like “Broadside” unleash synapse-shredding electricity while grimey bits like “Crazies” roll things out gangsta style with Husser on the mic. When the crew link up with Kai Wachi on “Survivor” the thugged-out dub vibes are in full effect while cuts like “Swing High” with Apashe up the tempo and give way to the more mainstream dancefloor bits that serve as shape-shifting interludes and meditations on beats.

It’s definitely a wild and raucous ride from top to bottom so check your head at the door and swing on through to the Black Tiger Sex Machine church in order to download yours now.