Black Tiger Sex Machine’s New World Order Playlist
Black Tiger Sex Machine’s New World Order Playlist

The Kannibalen Records trio known as Black Tiger Sex Machine (aka Julien Maranda, Patrick Barry and Marc-André Chagnon) are on a non-stop mission to deliver earth shattering bass. Debuting at number one on the iTunes dance chart last week, the excitement for their album New Worlds is not only at an all-time high but promises to launch them into festival season with a renewed vigor and style.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Canadian trio are scheduled to touch down at both Beyond Wonderland and our beloved bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas in the coming months. With that in mind, keep it locked as Bassrush linked up with BTSM to deliver this scorching face-melting genre-bending playlist curated by the boys themselves.

Black Tiger Sex Machine “Zombie”
“We had so much fun making this one with our boy Panther. He killed it! Bit of a different tempo than we’re used to, but we tried to keep the energy up!”

Kai Wachi ft. Macntaj “MUD”
“One of our favorite releases of 2018 so far. This mixes Kai Wachi’s hybrid style with some hip-hop, but the outro is what really takes this to the next level.”

YOOKiE “Escape”
“There’s no escaping this one’s grime; it’s too dirty. Nobody does it like the YOOKiE boys do! It’s always an honor to have them release on the label.”

Apashe “Supernova”
“Apashe is a beast of producer. Period. He and European MC Dons Dope D.O.D. went in on this, turning up the heat to max levels.”

Dead Battery “All I See Is Red”
“Dead Battery keeps coming back and surprising us with new productions. His last EP was huge, but “All I See Is Red” sticks out the most to us with its surreal, industrial vibe, something only he could capture.”

Lektrique “Laidback”
“This one is anything but laidback. We’ve been grooving to this one for a long time. Love the funky electro style and the sound design is on point!”

Kedzie x SuperWet “Venom”
“We dropped this one on our Kannibalen Christmas compilation for 2017 and was one of our favorites from the project. Kedzie and SuperWet knocked it out of the park from start to finish.”

CYBRPNK ft. Sullivan King “MSHPT”
“Metal has been taking over bass music in a big way and these two are a part of that. ‘MSHPT’ is the ultimate rage record; crowds go wild when we drop it. It should have been released with a warning label.”

DISTO ft. Omar Varela “Visions”
“‘Visions’ is anything but straightforward. It blends different styles and hits you with some surprises that make for an exhilarating tune.”

Black Tiger Sex Machine x Sullivan King “Madness”
“The title says it all.”