Blanke Flexes with a ‘Secret Weapons’ Playlist and Exclusive Premiere
Blanke Flexes with a ‘Secret Weapons’ Playlist and Exclusive Premiere

The Australian youngblood known as Blanke continues to drop bass bombs of the highest order with his forthcoming release on Downright offering up some of his best work to date. Aptly titled the Sneaky Plans EP, the release not only features Blanke locking horns with the likes of Holly and Clever Tricks, but absolutely kicking down the doors with strychnine-laced beats like the one we’re premiering below called “Flex.”

From the eerie and mysterious intro that brings on proper cinematic shivers all the way through to the untethered chest-thumping groove stomping it out at the core, there’s no doubt that Blanke is laying it all on the line. As if that exclusive premiere wasn’t enough, Blanke hits us with an overdose of heavyweight treats in the form of his ‘Secret Weapons Playlist’ as well. Featuring a handcrafted selection of unexpected cuts he drops during his DJ sets, Blanke fills us in as to the power each one is wielding and how they come together to work the crowd into a frenzy.

13 “Nuclear
“I have so much respect for this guy’s music; one of my favorite tunes at the moment. Gives me that ‘Oh damn it’ feeling every time I hear it.”

1788-L “Pulsar / Beam”
“This guy is a freak and this tune is exactly what people have been waiting for. Big year coming for this guy, we’ve got a collab on the way, too!”

WATGOOD “Rapture”
“Production work is unreal and tune slaps so hard. Drop this out of nowhere and you’ll guarantee a scream.”

Made By Tsuki & Moss “Wasteland”
“Two of the most down-to-earth lads I know, and they made a heater together that I can get down to real heavy. Makes me smile.”

Blanke & Avance “Disturbed”
“One of my most requested records. Its obnoxious and I love it.”

Herobust “Debt ‘N Eight”
“I love a good headbanger [and] I always end up back at this one. I love his sound, it’s so crisp and clean and makes me want to break some windows.”

Hekler “Basic Bass Tune”
“What the fu*k. That’s about it.”

Kayzo ft. Devin Oliver “Follow You”
“This was one of those tunes I kept hearing and was like, ‘WHAT IS THIS DROP?’ Nothing makes me want to get down more than when I hear this. Kayzo is a king.”

Boys Noize “Overthrow” (Blanke Flip)
“‘Overthrow’ is so dope. The build always gets me; it’s so tense and this drop is always so huge in my sets.”

Badrapper & JACKNIFE “Creepin”
“A dirty mid-tempo tune by the homies. That second drop though…OOOHHH damn!”