Never Say Die’s Black Label imprint is known for going hard but nothing can quite prepare you for the full fury the BloodThinnerz unleash on their latest EP. While a grip of artists claim to be down with the dark side, it’s obvious that the BloodThinnerz are taking things to the next level with their aptly titled Gravedigger EP.

From the untethered title cut to anabolic bits like “Bludgeoned” and “Pick It Up” (featuring Trilla), the Los Angeles-based duo bring on the pain with one of our favorite cuts off the EP: “Corpse Collector.” The name alone should warn you to steer clear of the dancefloor if smashing your skull against like-minded head-bangers isn’t your thing. From the militant percussive march of the intro on through to the demonic cackle at the drop, once the beast at the core of this one is unleashed you best believe all hell is about to break loose.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere below and pre-save the full Gravedigger EP from BloodThinnerz here before it hits the airwaves January 7.