Boogie T Strikes Back
Boogie T Strikes Back

Hailing from the swamps of Louisiana, Brock Thornton (aka Boogie T) is making his presence heard on bass labels like SubCarbon Records, SMOG and Circus. No stranger to the studio, this lifetime musician has plenty to look forward to including his Boogie T & SQUNTO Strike Back tour and highly anticipated appearances on Datsik’s Ninja Nation tour, including the Bassrush March 2 takeover of the Hollywood Palladium.

On a personal vendetta to bring back dubstep, Boogie T was nice enough to elaborate on what he feels are 15 of the meatiest 140 bpm tunes of the moment. Check the selections below, followed by a breakdown of his top three cuts.

Subtronics x Boogie T “Hit ‘Em”
“Funny story here…we made this on a Facebook Live stream. One of my favorite new tunes and a certified crowd pleaser—we had a blast making it!”

Prophet “Yang”
“This is from one of my top-rated producers keeping the deep alive. A certified skanka! Psyched to be bringing Prophet out with SQUNTO and myself on the second leg of the Strikes Back tour.”

“Sick VIP of the classic choon ‘D.F.G.N.’ with my man BOARCROCK, courtesy of his bad self. This one was inspired by the sound of dubstep: dirty, filthy, grimy and nasty! It’s awesome to be bringing BOARCROCK along for the first half of the Strike Back tour.”