The almighty Borgore touches down on Bassrush Records with a sizzling little burner just in time for the weekend. With the up-and-coming Benda by his side, the aptly titled “Camo Diamond Rollie” sticks and moves with the streetwise finesse of a dubstep-and-metal infused beast hell-bent on maximum dancefloor destruction. Mech-vibes shred the midrange and top end while the stomach-churning roll at the bottom end is perfect for the rail-riders and pit-stompers alike.

More than just dumping a proper heater on us, Borgore is quick to point out that the tune follows in the vein of his ongoing commitment to fledgling talent: “I always love working with up-and-coming-producers, it’s very motivating for me. I’ve been working with Benda a lot. We are really good friends and most of the time we spend together is in my studio so naturally this second collab came out.”

For the 19-year-old Benda, the collaboration is not only sure to help the youngblood level up, but will fuel the continued development of his own sound. “Borgore has been one of the main inspirations as to why I even started making bass music in the first place,” Benda tells us. “When we are in the studio, it’s never forced; we just work on projects together and realize, whoa, this is something we just have to put out.”

This one drops today so gather up the squad and steamroll your way into the weekend with yet another essential cut from the Bassrush Records crew leading the way.