Borgore’s Bassrush Massive Pre-Party Playlist
Borgore’s Bassrush Massive Pre-Party Playlist

EDC Week is finally here and we’re ready to headbang with some of the best DJs in the bass scene, including Borgore. The Israeli producer is an absolute legend in the dubstep scene and has brought on an endless roster of aspiring producers through his label, Buygore Records and sub-label, Fresh Blood. His unique approach to bass music with tracks like “Ice Cream,” “100s” and “Coco Puffs,” is what brings him a loyal and ever-growing fan base.

Starting as a teenager in death metal bands and currently producing an array of music from bass to jazz, there’s no question that Borgore has proved himself to be one of the most unique musicians in the industry. After dropping a surprising six-track jazz album, Adventures In Time, which featured instrumental jazz pieces, the producer still sits with his love for bass music.

With only hours to go until bassheads from around the world gather to witness the “Daddy” of bass music kick off a special Las Vegas edition of Bassrush Massive, Borgore hits us with his favorite tracks featuring an epic selection of dubstep, trap, bass, hip-hop and even some drum and bass bangers to round out the vibes.

So whether you’re in Vegas or feeling the FOMO from afar, immerse yourself in bass with a taste of what’s to come tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel when Borgore and the rest of the Bassrush Massive lineup takes over. (Full details and tickets here.)

Eptic “Bloodlust”
“Eptic just has the formula to make a banger. I love everything he does.”

Getter & Ghostmane “Beware the Sirens”
“Besides being one of my best friends, Getter is also one of my favorite producers. It’s just amazing to see how good he does no matter what genre he decides to fuck with.”

Svdden Death “Last Life”
“SD is my favorite up-and-comer in the bass world. He really changed the game and brought it up a level.”

Ivory “Next Level”
“‘Next Level’ is part of one of my favorite EPs right now and this track really killed it.”

Gentlemens Club “Want U
“I love these guys; they always put out their signature sound.”

Zeke Beats “Devastate
“This really has a special sound; there isn’t another tune that sounds like this.”

Spag Heddy “Gospel
“Spag has the angriest kick snare in the game. I’m especially excited for his new EP coming out on Buygore.”

Dr. Ozi “BLT”
“The sound design is like it’s from space.”

Joker “Anamorphic”
“One of my favorite producers of all time. Purple sound forever.”

Borgore & Svdden Death “Svddengore”
“It’s Svdden Death and I…what else needs to be said?”

Trippie Redd “Dark Knight Dummo”
“I had to sneak a hip-hop record in here. This one of my favorites right now.”

Kai Wachi “DEMONS
“This track is just so clean and different.”

Pendulum “Hold Your Color” (Noisia Remix)
“Both of these groups are legendary. They just can’t make mistakes when it comes to writing songs.”

Somnium Sound “Fate and Fortune”
“I said SD is my favorite up-and-comer but it’s not tennis, there’s not only one winner. Somnium Sound is my favorite up-and-comer also.”

Axel Boy “Magnetism”
“Axel always has such beautiful songs, yet they still bang.”