Get those gun fingers ready as drum and bass legends Total Science and Break launch their newly minted label Triii Audio with a pair of dank warehouse-worthy cuts that already has us begging for more.
Both tunes feature Total Science and Break collaborating in the studio so expect lots of heavyweight basslines and crisp and funky breaks to drive things forward. The aptly titled “Gun Finger” is the perfect introduction to the sound as a soulful vocal-infused interlude sets up the reggae-and-dub DNA at the core that emerges into a proper future-leaning groove that can’t be ignored.
“Acquiesce” on the flip digs straight into the OG breakbeat workout we’ve come to expect from both producers as they chop and screw their way into a dub-a-licious soundscape where the call and response between the elements conjures up flashbacks to sweaty warehouses and renegade walls of speakers.


As Break tells us: “We’ve been writing tunes for several years and felt it was a good time to create a standalone outlet for these collab releases. Essentially, the sound is a combination of C.I.A. and Symmetry, the best of both worlds.”
As to the meaning behind the name of the imprint, Break tells us that Triii is the natural outgrowth of three producers being involved. “We wanted to use the word Tri, and developed the concept of three i’s in the name.”
Expect more from the trio of legends as the year unfolds but for now spark one up and get lost in the grooves of these choice cuts that are out now (lock yours in here).