Bukez Finezt and the Widdler Get Weird
Bukez Finezt and the Widdler Get Weird

Appearing from deep within the unknown regions of space, a tour of cosmic proportions is entering our galaxy. The We Alien Tour will land on planet Earth with two legendary bass music pilots delivering the headiest vibes: The Widdler and Bukez Finezt. From his home base in Texas, the notorious Widdler crafts some of the most cerebral vibes out there, specializing in dub treatments and serving up life-changing experiences for the masses.

He’s made a home for himself on Truth’s Deep Dark & Dangerous imprint, along with notable appearances on SubCarbon Records. Running hot alongside Widdler is Bukez Finezt, who has practically been living out of a suitcase as of late, with constant touring to display his latest material. Bukez Finezt’s musical path has been a long journey inspiring the bulk of our current producer base with his well-known efforts in the early days of dubstep.

Recognized for his contributions to the sound with a truckload of released music on fan favorites like Disciple, Monsters and Deep Medi Musik, Bukez Finezt is never without a fresh idea. Since the planets have aligned, uniting the pair for their non-stop We Alien Tour, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see them go head-to-head as they’re on loan to perform with Caspa on his Ghost Towntakeover tomorrow at the Exchange in Los Angeles.

In true Bassrush fashion we’re always up for a unique experience so for this Q&A we decided to have Bukez Finezt and the Widdler interview each other! Get ready for weird tastes, vacation bucket lists and even extraterrestrial encounters.

Bukez Finezt: Okay, so you get a break from bass music. It’s time to go on all expenses paid vacation. The thing is you can’t bring anyone with you. Where are you going?

The Widdler: Somewhere quiet that I can sleep and eat a lot while streaming to Twitch. Where are you headed?

Bukez Finezt: IHOP, anywhere anytime. The beauty is that it’s 24 hours! I’d probably order a short stack of 286 pancakes and a small container of maybe 18 litres of maple syrup, and to drink a small tank of Fiji water with the Widdler bathing in it.

The Widdler: Have you had any encounters on this tour so far?

Bukez Finezt: My first alien encounter was in Houston in 2014. I was celebrating the Gritsy 8-Year Anniversary when I ran into an alien. He said his name was the Widdler, and from that day I was converted and welcomed to the Alien of the Universe Citizenship for Aliens™. What about you?

The Widdler: I haven’t had any encounters per say but I still think with all the space out there life has probably poked its head out many times in many forms; space is just too damn big to see it all. Since we are chatting about aliens, if you could shape shift what are you turning into? What is your special power?

Bukez Finezt: I think since I love liquidy and wet basslines I would turn into a cooler, not-so-evil version of a T1000. Finezt1000 who helps getting people’s mixdowns right. And yourself?

The Widdler: Easy, a cat. My special power? Being a cat. Sleep wherever, eat whenever, poop outside, purr and not pay taxes. These are all great superpowers. So tell me Ken, do what are some of your favorite Sci-Fi movies?

Bukez Finezt: TerminatorPredator and Event Horizon. What about you?

The Widdler: 2001 Space Odyssey. I think the ultimate protagonist/hero/villain is outer space. Okay, so, Hollywood just gave us our own movie are you the hero or the villain?

Bukez Finezt: I’m bipolar so depending on the day and person I may save them or crush them! No offense, just a day’s work. The movie will be called Gentle German Crusher, rated PG-14—a new rating. What about you, Widdler?

The Widdler: Villain. I would be only partially evil, though, doing things like cutting lines and stepping on sand castles. The movie would be called Wow, That Guy Is Kind of a Dick, But I Heard He Is Nice Sometimes, coming this summer. Big question: what if we’re talking about animes or cartoons?

Bukez Finezt: I would join Metalocalypse, but I would be there to annoy everyone and cause mischief by being a Tasmanian devil, on steroids, getting people with the hand circle game. Duhhhhh!

The Widdler: Metalocalypse probably, because I would want to hang out with Toki and also make fun of Murderface. They are also loaded so obviously we would treat ourselves in the cartoon. Let’s get back to the music! You get the chance to create your own music festival with no budget limitations. Go wild!

Bukez Finezt: The festival grounds are going to be made from actual pancakes, the super mega soft fluffy ones. There will be unlimited veggie trays, Essentia and Fiji water for everyone, and if you want snacks there will be a European chocolate factory serving the “Finezt” and purest of chocolate. Let’s throw in a big T-Rex statue with slides and a waterpark built around it. Next to the water park there is a school that you can book German lessons with Bukez HIMSELF, get educated. My line up would be: Lorn b2b Chilly Gonzales b2b The Chariot b2b Busta Rhymes b2b Swizz Beatz b2b Mala b2b Dorian Concept b2b Architect (Not Architects!) b2b Kenny Beats b2b Flowdan b2b Ternion Sound b2b Nails b2b David Hasselhoff b2b myself b2b Bugs Bunny on the Beatbox! And yourself?

The Widdler: Everyone (that wants it) gets a couch with built in SubPac and cup holder. It’s all about comfort. As for artists playing, I def won’t be, so I could relax and since budget is not a problem, we will have catering from every possible food genre (especially IHOP, for Bukez). As for artists, I would put Mala, Ternion, Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, Christina Aguilera, and then finally is Bukez b2b Celine Dion. So Bukez, pretend you just accidentally switched USBs with another DJ at this festival, you’re extremely happy. Who is this person? I’m going with Mala or DJ Madd. They have so many dubplates, I wouldn’t mind one.

Bukez Finezt: There are no accidents. You’re not professional enough to mark, label, and customize your sticks, or you’re wasted. I would intentionally switch USB sticks with the Widdler so I got all the Mala and DJ Madd dubs and he has to work with my fake drops, German folk plates and David Hasselhoff edits! Also, I’d love to grab a USB stick of Busta Rhymes and Wiley’s mixing and mastering engineer. So I got all the stems and can work on some next level 2019 wild fucking silly German bass remixes!