After releasing the lead single “Right Here” in June, Buku unveils the rest of his highly-anticipated Grey Matter EP. While Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint is always pushing genre boundaries with each and every release, this one from Buku elevates things to the next level.

From the head-twisting psy-trance flex on “My Eyes” all the way through to the interstellar tribal beat that “Axon” drills into your soul, the aptly titled Grey Matter EP feels carefully designed to rewire your synapses along the way. “Right Here” continues to be the most upfront cut of the bunch, if only because of its swift kick and punch that releases the psychological tension that the rest of the EP builds to the breaking point.

As Buku tells it, “I’ve been infatuated with the audio and visual stylings of the old school acid rave world. I found myself utilizing breakbeats, 303 acid inspired synths, long rolling buildups, and a variety of drop timbres in my track ‘My Eyes’ and the Grey Matter EP as a whole. Strobe lights are recommended with this EP.”

The exhilarating rush that the EP induces is not to be taken lightly so if you were lucky enough to catch Buku dropping heat at Nocturnal this past weekend, prepare yourself for a flashback of epic proportions as Buku delivers on all fronts once again.

Buku’s Grey Matter EP is out now on all digital platforms so lock yours in here.