Photo by Joyce Mars

Neosignal’s Nëu imprint continues to lay waste to all preconceived notions of what the dancefloor can take. In a world where upfront dnb and foghorn rollers seem to reign supreme, Nëu takes a leftfield turn into the harder more industrial edges of the genre with this epic four-track EP from Buunshin.

Having smashed his way to center stage this past year, Buunshin proves he’s no flash in the pan as he goes full-throttle on the dancefloor with a style that’s all his own.

Take the title cut off the EP we’re amped to be premiering for the Bassrush masses.Easing into things with an industrial-strength shiver, “All About This” feels like an intercepted message from the future before Buunshin kicks in the afterburners and unleashes the beast at the core. Unloading like an cybernetic organism run amok, the relentless jackhammer beats bring on the face-melting vibes with fission-level force. The heavyweight futuristic bruiser is just a hint at the destructive power that Buunshin is wielding on this one so if you like to bang your head, bounce off the walls or dive headfirst into the pit, get those elbows up and prepare to smash when this one comes through!

The full All About This EP drops on Nëu November 27 so preorder/presave here and consider yourself warned!