Photo by joecreate

Calcium conjures up the zombie apocalypse on “Deep Street” dropping today via the ever-essential Never Say Die, and it’s the sci-fi-horror-action rinseout we didn’t even know we needed.

Easing us into things with a playful cinematic vibe, Calcium hypnotizes with a dreamy low-slung dive into the darker side of the streets before sparking the fuse and shotgunning us into the stratosphere.

Unfolding with laser-precision, the zombie versus human theme comes to life as the swirling aural precision of the bassline swings alongside the avatar crew blasting their way through an electrified soundscape of broken beats, wonky vibes, switchbacks, and straight up sick-with-it grooves.

Underneath it all is a playful video game like warmth that makes for such a satisfying rush where the dark and the light careen and crush any synapses you have left in the middle. Calcium goes all in on this one and hits us with switch after switch, flexing multiple styles throughout, never easing on the gas until the very last beast is vanquished.

This one is out now so strap on your helmet, lock and load your weapon, and cop yours here.