Calyx & TeeBee Prepare to Unleash “War Dub”
Calyx & TeeBee Prepare to Unleash “War Dub”

Just in time for the weekend, Calyx & TeeBee offer up a glimpse of their forthcoming Plates release series designed to pay homage to the original dubplate culture from which drum and bass was born.

In true dubplate style, the aesthetics of the first salvo in the series known as “War Dub” conjures up ruffneck warehouse vibes centered on a ragga-tinged aesthetic. Sounding the alarm for all the rude boys out there, this one’s designed to begin the march towards an album-length collection of cuts under the Plates name.

As the legendary duo tell us: “Having released two albums since we joined Ram Records, we’re excited to be starting our next chapter with them by launching a new series called ‘Plates.’ It takes us back to our DnB roots, both musically and in terms of how the music disseminates to our peers, fans and ravers.”

Check the teaser of the cut below and keep your eyes and ears peeled as this one hits the streets on Monday via Ram Records.



Posted by Calyx & TeeBee on Wednesday, April 17, 2019