Viper Recordings locks in a sweeping euphoric single from three new names to the imprint in the form of the stunning “Waiting For You.”

Featuring AIRGLO and Captain Bass teaming up in the studio, vocalist Émilie Rachel brings it all together into an exquisite drum and bass-driven summertime dream.

With just enough pop elements to have this one bubbling poolside, the warm melodic elements swerve into a powerful sweep at the drop that keeps this one heavy enough for festival play. Still, throughout it all, Émilie Rachel’s vocals channel classic Viper anthems from label boss Futurebound so you can instantly see why he snatched this one up on first listen.

Put this one on repeat and prepare to sing-along when you hear this one easing through the mix in the months to come. Be sure to lock your own copy of this heater in here as it’s out now via the ever-essential Viper.