Hailing from Portland, Carbin hit the world of bass music by storm only a few years ago in the form of a series of unforgettable in-your-face tracks. Since then, he’s kept the stamina high with each subsequent release. Now, teaming up with fellow producer K-NINE, the duo stomp out the monstrous “Grill Kill” for NSD: Black Label.

Listeners are welcomed with a sinister introduction that piques interest right from the start and looks to deliver an extra-heavy dose of havoc just over the horizon. Without wasting any time, the first drop makes its mark with a heavy bassline matched with high pitched synths that are bound to cause some serious mosh pits as soon as it hits. Letting off the gas for a bit, the introductory beat comes in once again before moving into the second drop. Hitting harder than the first, the second drop features some high-energy basslines with the beefy bottom end hitting relentlessly all the way through leaving you stuck with some serious bass face.

“Grill Kill” was made for all you hungry bassheads out there! Make sure to get your hands on your own copy here!