With Carbin‘s Throne EP due to drop tomorrow on Never Say Die we were more than stoked to be able to offer up one of our favorite cuts off the EP as a premiere for the Bassrush masses. We’re talking about “On & On” that the Oregon-based heavyweight has concocted with none other than the hardstep-leaning MADGRRL.

Carbin’s penchant for sound design and epic intros is on full display throughout the EP with the title cut serving as a proper cinematic intro to the entire proceedings before “R U Ready” done up with Bro Safari hints at the full extent of the genre-bending journey still to come. While the low-slung flames of “Whatchyu Gonna Do” and the straight up fuzzy bass driven vibes of “Shake It” are instant party-starters, it’s the whipsaw emotions that “On & On” delivers that really hits where it hurts.

The tune opens with a haunting melody designed to usher us into the alternative universe that Carbin and MADGRRL have carefully crafted as a subtle chord shifts give way to an uplifting male vocal that takes its time driving it all home. Just when the energy hits the absolute peak of its intensity and the crowds have their hands raised high in the air, the floor drops out as a demonic voice signals the shift from the light to the dark and a speaker-smashing stomp breaks loose. Hitting hard right from the get-go, the real juice of this one is the second-flip the tune swerves into as the crew dives into deep and dank territory with a redesigned hook that serves as the perfect introduction into the flex that the entire EP is built on.

The full Throne EP from Carbin hits tomorrow, January 10 so pre-save and pre-order the entire project here.