Caspa Links Up With Bassrush Records for the ‘Ghost Town’ EP
Caspa Links Up With Bassrush Records for the ‘Ghost Town’ EP

Bassrush Records continues to crush with yet another epic release, this time from the dubstep legend himself, Caspa. With he and Rusko’s Sub Soldiers imprint continuing to run it red, the release is a welcome departure for all the Bassrush faithful as Caspa goes all in and unleashes that untouchable underground sound sure to bring on the face-melt.

Weighing in at a hefty three tracks, Caspa’s Ghost Town EP flexes on all fronts as the West London vibes form the DNA on what is otherwise an alien-infused romp through the darker side of the dancefloor. Check the mesmerizing hypnotism of “I Am Future.” A manifesto for all the time-traveling bassheads, time and space itself seem to collapse in the spoken word hook and inhuman bottom end.

If you’re looking for the next tune to break the tension you’re shit out of luck as “What’s Happening To Me” doubles-down on the darkness with a hallucinogenic sermon from Caspa that cuts to the heart of the illusion of reality itself. Whether you “choose fear or love” in the midst of this cut, expect this one to not only fry the synapses but to have your body in fight or flight mode throughout as the ominous atmospheres and filthy stabs make for a haunting and yet utterly satisfying experience for those seeking something more than just the usual dancefloor shivers.

Closing it out as only Caspa can do, the dank “Ice Cold” vibes of the final cut on the EP offer little respite at the end of the tunnel. Stacked with that swaggering Caspa attitude that can’t be replicated, from the swirling atmospherics and depth-charge shivers being dropped in the sub-bass range, it’s that dirty little hook in conversation with an ever-evolving beat that makes this one you want to dive into over and over again.

Legendary tunes from the legend himself! But don’t just take our word for it, check the beats below and pick up your copy of this future classic here.