By now you’re either still buzzing off the sick vibes of last Thursday’s Caspa & Rusko reunion at the Bassrush takeover of Exchange L.A., or you’re one of the ones bemoaning the fact that you weren’t there to witness history in the making.

No matter which side you fall on, there’s no doubting that Caspa and Rusko are back and have been blowing up your timeline all weekend long. After a seven-year gap that was more due to insane touring and production schedules than any interpersonal beef, the dubstep stars have realigned and brought the duo that kick-started it all back into the studio once again.

While the full results of their apparently very productive studio collabs have yet to be revealed, the first missile the two are firing comes in the form of the tight and grimy “Blouse an Skirt,” premiered at last week’s show.

Fans of that quintessential Caspa and Rusko sound will be grinning from ear to ear as the cut takes it back to the roots, bringing on the soundsystem vibes complete with a ragga vocal hook, raver horns, wub-wub wobbles, and that ever-present window-rattling bass.

As if the tune wasn’t enough to drop on us, the team delivers a cheeky video that captures that hard to pin down mix of quirky, feel-good vibes and dark atmospheres reminiscent of grime and UK hip-hop. If you’re feeling it, cop the tune here and squad up with your rowdy crew for some serious skanking.