Fresh off his recent Bassrush event debut alongside the bad man FuntCase, Chassi prepares to level up with this smoking hot heater that savvy fans may recognize as being rinsed as an ID by Excision, the ATLiens, Jessica Audiffred, and Riot Ten these past few months.

With the success of his head-cracking remix of the ATLiens “Unidentified Flying Objects” still ringing in our ears, “The Fight” injects an ungodly dose of anabolic juice into the heart of the beast for this untethered tune sure to make you and the squad go beast-mode on the dancefloor.

From the cinematic swirl that invites you in to the earth-quaking bottom end that brings on the pain, “The Fight” lives up to its name with rail-riding energy that reigns supreme.

As Chassi tells us: “The Fight is a new chapter in my life as I am telling my life story through the warrior eyes. Growing up, I was super depressed, always got bullied everyday & at most times was suicidal. When I almost gave up on myself, I had to find the strength to fight for my own life as a warrior would and let everyone know that enough is enough. With the aggressive ‘I JUST DONT GIVE A – ‘ vocal, it shows that I will no longer back down and need to stand up for myself and do what’s right!

The image that I am always pushing is that no one’s ever alone and when you think everything is going down and life is over, IT’S NOT! We all need to come together and fight for what we love and believe in. We all need to be there for one another and make sure everything is ok. With this generation being super self-centered, My goal here is to change that. I want everyone to be able to love one another, spread good vibes/memories and to let you know that if you fight and stand up for yourself, you will win & you will achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of! YOU’RE NOT ALONE!”

Whether you’re preparing to battle your internal demons or just getting ready to dive into the pit, “The Fight” is the fuel we need to kick-start the weekend and make shit happen.

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