Prepare for the synapse reset as Chime and Sharks take a deep dive into drippy dubstep territory with “Water Elemental” on the ever-essential Disciple imprint.

Paired with an equally stunning music video (below), the tune lives up to its name as the pair bring on the bends with synapse-twisting melodies and subaquatic basslines. The future liquid lean of the cut serves as a teaser for Sharks’ full Water Elemental EP that drops today but the tune is sure to stand on its own as an essential selection for tastemakers around the globe.

As Chime tells us, “Sharks has developed his sound a ton over the past few years since his EP release on Rushdown and it’s been a joy to hear him really come into his own with his unique signature sound. ‘Water Elemental’ acts as a celebration of the liquid sound design we’ve both been developing recently which culminates into the most watery dubstep tune you’ll ever hear!”

But enough talk, a tune like this demands you turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and let the bass transport you into another realm.

Sharks & Chime’s “Water Elemental” is out now via Disciple so lock yours in here.