In the last year or so, Chris.SU has gone walkabout a bit around different labels with his releases, putting out smashers on Othercide, C4C, Bad Taste, Beats In Mind and a small, Japanese multi-genre label called Nipponeer Records. Mr. .SU has also been working on his own label, FATE recordings, putting out some unexpected liquid and dancefloor jams there. For this muddy, crunchy release of the dual single “Mudhorn” and “The Light,” however, it seems almost preternatural that he come back to Eatbrain.

Everyone knows Chris.SU has a really diverse style that can range from snappy to melodic to cinematic to minimal, but what neuro and hard D&B fans come back for is that sizzling, crunchy bass sound that really no other producer can replicate. With “Mudhorn,” that glitch is set to overdrive as it permeates every part of the bass, sub bass and even the kick drum. Even the vocal sample is folded into the crunchiness. The effect of this jumpy roller is the sonic equivalent of sliding down a steel pipe cleaner. It would be fluffy and soft if it wasn’t also made of metal.

If fans thought things were going to get any “lighter” with b-side “The Light,” then the title has done its job. A slightly more conventional neuro offering, there’s at least two metallic, sine save drone tones that make the track extra eerie. The lower-toned one takes on the feel of classic darkstep or tech step a’la “The Nine” while the higher pitched one is more ambient and saved for special occasions. The former techy drone tone, on closer inspection, also makes up the bass synth of “The Light.” Once again, it’s so frayed out, however, that it sounds like a completely different sound.

Neuro and hard D&B fans can now sleep sound in the knowledge that Chris.SU hasn’t abandoned his dark, crunchy tones completely. “Mudhorn” and “The Light” are definitely going to be crowd favorites, even in socially distanced crowds.

“Mudhorn” and “The Light” are out now on Eatbrain purchase on Beatport or stream on Spotify.