Code: Pandorum Drops Heavy ‘Outclass’ EP
Code: Pandorum Drops Heavy ‘Outclass’ EP Photo by @_janeyphoto_

Sven Selka, aka Code: Pandorum, is best known for sticking out from the rest of the bass crowd with his machine gun beats and gut-wrenching sounds. The German native first rose to prominence in the bass music scene with his brutal debut album, God, as well as the remix album, God Army, which made some begin to suspect that the producer is truly not human. As founder of Crowsnest Audio, he seeks to spread heavy, face-distorting music across the world and brings caution to those who dare to see him in a live environment.

Since then, Code: Pandorum has managed to transform his vision of dubstep into a heavier, rail-breaking genre he likes to call Deathstep with tracks such as “Krampus Returns,” “Bloodshock,” “The Neon Demon,” and his remix of Riot Ten’s “Rail Breaker.” Centering horror movie vibes and samples, the producer makes sure his signature orchestral sound and heavy drop gives his listeners a feel for the dark atmosphere he is attempting to create. Having only scratched the surface of his true potential, there’s no doubt that his production powers are only entering their infant stages.

Following his recently single release, “Punish,” off the Fresh Blood Vol. 4 compilation, Code: Pandorum is making another big statement on the Buygore Records sub-label with his Outclass EP. Bass lovers, get ready to break your necks with this heavy three-track release, which possesses insanely high levels of energy and cavernous textures. The EP features a culmination of string-plucked chords, suspenseful basslines, and aggressively melodic elements that solidifies Code: Pandorum’s project as a multi-layered, complex work of art. Comprised of “Harakiri,” “Outclass,” and “Sealed Misery,” the new Fresh Blood release is the sonic slap in the face you’ve always wanted.

Out now so lock yours in here.