The Vancouver-based Coka Cobra smashes it out with his debut on FUXWITHIT with the massive festival banger ‘Come Around’. Proving that he’s able to crush in all subgenres of the bass music soundsphere, Coka Cobra flexes with inimitable style on ‘Come Around’.

The slow burn of the tune hits in all the right places as the ragga-tinged vocals set the vibe before the trap-glitch flex at the drop winds things up with a hypnotic groove.

As Coka Cobra tells us: “‘Come Around’ started when Juelz swung by my studio and we started messing around with a couple of ideas I had. We built the track that day and had a good friend of ours (who shall not be named) come and sing on it. The whole process happened effortlessly and we had a blast working on it.”

Adding that the tune is not only designed to crush on festival stages but to “celebrate creativity while creating music that doesn’t try to fit in a box or try to be anything but uniquely itself.”

Whether you’re letting this one rattle your bones at the festival or diving deep into the zone while realigning your chakras via your headphones, there’s no denying Coka Cobra is at the top of his game.

Stream/Download ‘Come Around’ here.