Coleco Achieves
Coleco Achieves 'Lucidity'

Born from the Bristol club night of the same name, the Inflect Audio imprint has quickly made a name for pushing the boundaries of what bass music culture and the music itself is capable of. On this, the fourth release from the imprint, label boss Coleco strips back the layers once again, drawing on influences ranging from D&B, trap, dubstep, footwork, even world music and stirring them up into an electrifying stew.

The steady half-step swagger of “Lucidity” sets the pace with its dizzying, otherworldly beat before “Awareness Now” pulls it down a notch into deep, dank, warehouse territory. Playing off the tension of the rough and the smooth, this one rides hard on a growling beast of a bass-driven hook that’s sure to have the paint peeling off the ceiling.

The single hits Bandcamp on February 16, with the wider digital release coming a month later on March 16 at all good online retailers. Look out!