The UK-native turned Los Angeles resident Conrank makes his return to Circus Records with a beastly collaboration with Drezza and Panwan for the early era dubstep influenced track aptly titled, “Decapitate.” Right from the start, it’s clear that this one is not for the faint of heart!

Opening tings up with an ominous vibe, prevalent kick drum, and drizzled with ragga vocals, “Decapitate” sets the tone for what’s to come right over the horizon. Right when you think you’re settled in, the 2011-era wobbles come through in full force for a drop that will take you all the way back. With a heavy low-end bassline throughout, there is sure to be some major bass face induced wherever this one is played out!

“Decapitate” is out everywhere now, so make sure you grab your copy here! Proceed with caution as you head right towards the destruction zone.