Ever since word went out that Crissy Criss was diving headfirst into a full-length album project, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the results. Set to feature a squad of collaborators that reads like a who’s who across the full spectrum of the bass music scene.

From drum and bass stalwarts like Malux, Erb N Dub, Teddy Killerz and Heist, to trap heavyweights Wide Wake and the masked madness of the dubstep and drum and bass connoisseur known as FuntCase, the album promises to be one of the biggest to hit the scene this year.

Speaking of FuntCase, the next single from his forthcoming War on Silence album features the epic collaboration with Crissy Criss, “Malfunction.” To those on the outside looking in it may be an unexpected pairing, but it’s one that instantly makes sense when the tune unfolds as FuntCase’s own love from drum and bass shines through and merges with the electrifying vision that Crissy Criss calls all his own.

Not only are we proud to be able to present to you an exclusive premiere of this cut, but are equally stoked to get Crissy Criss and FuntCase in the hot seat for a proper head-to-head Q&A. The results are both insightful and hilarious, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride as Crissy Criss gears up for the full release of his War on Silence LP, due out on his War on Silence imprint April 2019.

The ending to Game of Thrones will be Khaleesi marrying the dwarf and they ride a dragon into a volcano where they die because they can’t be bothered anymore.

CRISSY CRISS: Right…James, you’re booked for the biggest gig of your life. You’re stranded in another country with no possible way to get there, but there’s an extra FuntCase mask sitting at home. Who do you call to pretend to be you, and why?

FUNTCASE: I’d call no one because no one can do it like me. If I had to call someone to cover on my behalf though I’d probably choose Cookie Monsta as he knows what kind of sets I play inside out from the amount of shows we’ve played together! All right, my turn. What If you were given $100k right now, no questions asked? What’s the first thing you’d buy?

CRISSY CRISS: A 3D printer so I can copy myself as many times as I like, but that’s probably more than $100k, though? Or just jump on a flight to Vegas and put it all on black in one go.

FUNTCASE: [Laughs] Absolutely least favorite food?

CRISSY CRISS: Anything pork, I absolutely hate it. On another note, you’ve got to try chicken sausages. They are amazing! Other than that I have some weird dislikes, which include pastries, toast, and tea. I’m not normal. What’s series are you watching at the moment and are you a Game Of Thrones man? If so, what do you think the ending is going to be in the last series coming up? If you don’t watch it, I want to hear your best ending made up off the top of your head!

FUNTCASE: I love Game of Thrones but I’m not entirely caught up. I haven’t really been watching anything apart from some of my old British favorite programs (BlackadderBottom and Red Dwarf) but most currently I’ve been watching The Grand Tour. MAN, I love that program. The ending to Game of Thrones will be Khaleesi marrying the dwarf and they ride a dragon into a volcano where they die because they can’t be bothered anymore.

CRISSY CRISS: I recently watched The Last Man On Earth, have you seen it? Imagine you wake up one day and you’re the last man on earth. What’s the first thing you would do and where do you go?

FUNTCASE: I haven’t actually seen it but I have thought about what I would do if I were the last man on earth. I guess the first thing I would do is go to the nearest cafe and cook up the sickest English fried breakfast feast followed by going to the local luxury car seller and grab the fastest insane car and go mad on the motorways. I haven’t got a driving license, but who’s watching?

Similar question: You wake up in the middle of nowhere and you’re ABSOLUTELY close to death starving, but about 100 miles away is your favorite restaurant. Next to you is a live camera pointing at you, an accurately shaped penis cake with Kanye West’s name on it… and a horse. Do you eat the cake or get straight on the horse and risk dying?

I think me, you, my mum, and your mum should meet up and get blood tests done to finally find out the truth.

CRISSY CRISS: [Laughs] I have a massive sweet tooth, so I could look at the cake and only see it as a cake and not as Kanye West’s dick. But I am known for soldiering on an empty stomach plus my dad was a jockey back in the ’70s and ’80s so I’d have no problem riding a horse into the sunset all the way to Wingstop! What artists or tracks are you listening to at the moment other than dubstep or DnB?

FUNTCASE: I listen to a ton of stuff outside of dubstep and DnB, only when I’m not writing it! Recently it’s been Ed Sheeran, Ghetts, Swindle, Foo Fighters, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer and Deftones. What about you?

CRISSY CRISS: Recently I’ve been listening more to podcasts and talk radio. My personal Spotify playlist currently consists of a bit Ghetts as well, Joyner Lucas, Children Of Zeus or a load of old school hip-hop, acid house, and Phil Collins! What are you five essential studio snacks?

FUNTCASE: My studio is in the middle of town so instead of snacks I just have constant coffees and actual food to set me up for the day. So, it would be vanilla latte, prawn salad, large roll and a custard doughnut. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you at a show? I’m talking off stage, no CDJ stopping mid-set stories!

CRISSY CRISS: I’m sure you are aware of the US culture of ravers who bring sticks, flashing balls on string, and all other kinds of stuff people bring to the rave! Well, a couple of years ago I was in St. Louis, I think. It was super dark in the venue and there was a girl going ham with some flashing ball things at the front, fully forcing the rest of the ravers back about 5-6 feet from the front of the stage. Anyway, I had just finished my set and I needed to leave but this girl was now side of stage and in the way. She had at least 4 feet of space around her where these balls on string were flying about. Obviously no one wanted to get hit…and neither did I! So I thought I’d time it right and make sure there was enough room to get past without being taken out by one of these ball things. I made an attempt…SMACK! Ball thing hits me in the mouth, chips my tooth and my lip is bleeding. I couldn’t see shit it was so dark but I could instantly hear reactions straight away from around me saying “OOOOooo!” That fucking hurt!

FUNTCASE: Are we actually brothers, because I feel like we might be?

CRISSY CRISS: Mate, I’ve been saying this for years now. It’s actually fucking scary. I think me, you, my mum, and your mum should meet up and get blood tests done to finally find out the truth.