Crissy Criss’ War on Silence remix compilation album project continues as the second cut from the eponymous album makes its way to center stage.

This time around it’s the rough and rugged “Malfunction” featuring Crissy Criss and FuntCase in collab mode that’s getting the remix treatment from none other than the drum and bass stalwarts Neonlight.

The German-based duo do what they do best and give it a proper sci-fi re-visioning that takes the original and boosts it into the stratosphere. Designed to kick in the afterburners on the dancefloor, this one’s a rocket-fuelled state-of-the-art heater designed for maximum damage in festivals and the club.

The full release includes a bass house remix from Defectiøn as well so feel free to ease into things with that remix before hammering it all home with this filthy Neonlight version we’re premiering below.

The Malfunction Remixes are out now so download / stream yours here.