Crissy Criss’ War on Silence album is the gift that keeps on giving as the next salvo in the album remix series features a proper heartbreaker from Dossa & Locuzzed. As with previous remixes featured on the project, the DNA of the original cuts stand strong and create the perfect foundation for the remixers to work their own magic. In this case, Dossa & Locuzzed bring their own epic vision to the project and the results are stunning.

By taking the original liquid flex from Crissy Criss and processing it through their own hit-making machines, the Viper stalwarts add a cinematic sheen to the proceedings that vibes perfectly with the sweeping atmospheres and warm bassline. With just the right touch to finesse the vocal and jazz-influenced elements, the resulting cut is sure to be on heavy rotation all winter long.

Sample the selection below and prepare to have the feels wash over you before locking in your own copy of this one here.