As we close in on the final remixes for Crissy Criss’s War on Silence remix album project, we can’t help but stand in awe at the level of contributions that some of the biggest names in drum and bass have brought to the table.

The latest salvo in the release series features none other than Taxman who more than proves his mettle as he takes on Crissy Criss and Heist’s already formidable “Rumble” and whips it into a frenzied breakbeat-driven heater. Having surged into the spotlight on his own this past year with his own resurgence as a drum and bass visionary, the legendary artist continues to ride the wave of this second wind the previous year has given him. Taking an approach towards singles and remixes that’s all his own, the Taxman stamp on a project is eagerly awaited before the first beat has even dropped and this one is no different.

Pair that up with the DNA of Crissy Criss and the equally legendary Heist and the results are sure to have you and the squad bouncing off the walls and begging for more. With that in mind we present to you a stellar slice of drum and bass to kick-start your weekend a day early so check the heat below and lock in your stream/download here.