Cromatik steps up to bat for the NSD family and delivers four untethered massive cuts on the NSD: Black Label imprint sure to have you wilding out and chomping at the bit.

Gathered under the Divide By Zero┬ámoniker, the EP is a glimpse into the tech-driven twisted vision that Cromatik continues to elevate with each and every release. While the entire release drives straight to the heart of the beast, one of our favorite cuts off the project is the untouchable “Malware VIP VIP” that we’re stoked to be able to be premiering today.

Unfolding like a glitched-out cyberattack on the senses, the shrieking otherworldly hook and wall-shivering bottom end waste no time in deconstructing the DNA of the already banging original versions and rebuilding them up into a Terminator-strength heater.

If you’re feeling the vibes you know what to do – smash this link and load this bad boy up to your digital arsenal along with the rest of the Divide By Zero EP on Never Say Die: Black Label.