Photo by Andy Haeffele

Hard to believe it’s been over a decade since Crystal Clear dropped a solo release on us but here we are and the man hasn’t missed the proverbial beat.

Dropping a massive four-tracker on the ever-essential Sofa Sound Bristol imprint, Crystal Clear channels his OG Playaz / Ganja sound with a fresh future-leaning rinse and scrub that quite simply can’t be fucked with. Having wandered in the electronic woods of house and techno over the past decade, the legend returns to the scene of the crime with four upfront heaters sure to have you and the squad skanking the night away.

While all four the cuts on the aptly titled Full Circle EP are sure to scratch that itch, it’s the slow-burning “Full House” that really hits the spot. Fro the crunchy percussive groove that stitches it all together to the gangsta-leaning vocal stab, once all the exotic elements swirling in the atmosphere swerve into the drop and that warm and bubbly bassline hits, it’s all over. There’s the obvious rinseout tunes that get the rewind and then there’s just filthy minimal burners like this one that bring on the screw face and demand the same well-deserved attention.

BIG TUNE!!!┬áThis one is out now exclusively on the Sofa Sound Bristol Bandcamp page so check Crystal Clear’s Full Circle EP and welcome the man back to the fold by locking yours in here.