Current Value “End Game”
Current Value “End Game”

The heavily anticipated second part of The Korsakov Compilations is due out tomorrow, October 25, and it’s brimming with heavy dancefloor scorchers from the likes of Teddy Killerz, Raiser, Droptek and Lights Out. Many of the tracks have been teased leading up to the release but Bassrush has saved one of the best for last in Current Value’s techy “End Game.”

Current Value fans know by now to expect the unexpected with the supremely talented German artist and he’s definitely delivered on that with “End Game.” Compared to recent releases from Current Value, this track is a decidedly techy dance-heavy with a sort of ravey throwback chaser in the intro and outro. That’s not to say, however, that the characteristic CV creativity and sound design isn’t still in play.

While the synths in the intro, break and outro connote a classic rave sound with lots of echo effects and an eerie melody, once the beat drops there’s a completely different synth, scrambled and syncopated to the beat in a way that’s totally mindboggling and something only the likes of Current Value can pull off. The anchor for these wild synths is another classic rave synth sample peppered at regular intervals along each phrase which also helps to give the track its techy vibe. There’s also some classic, specifically Current Value buzzing pieces in the ambient space that gives warmth to the whole composition, making the track complex but not so lost in sound design that it crosses the line into experimental.

All the elements that go into “End Game” make it what it is, which is a pure dancefloor stunner. Technically sound as always, the composition of the track lands on pure vibes at the end of the day, making it perfect for Korsakov and endless fun for the fall gig season and beyond.

The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 is out tomorrow, October 25, on Korsakov. Click here to pre-order and pre-save for streaming.