The Viper stalwart and all-around legend known as Cyantific returns to the spotlight with his second single of year, “Falling Apart.”

Taking things into a slightly new direction, the tune showcases Cyantific’s ability to continually evolve while holding true to the ethos that has earned him international acclaim. Having spent the past year refining his sound and technical skills, Cyantific emerges from the cocoon of his studio with a vocal-driven dreamer vibrating with a pop sensibility and uplifting sound.

As Cyantific tells us: “Lockdown has had a big impact on all of us. For me it’s meant a lot of looking inward and analysing what it is I like and dislike about my own work and drum & bass in general. I realised how out of touch I was with the person who fell in love with dnb in the late 90’s. To me that era was about experimenting, drawing in influences from unlikely sources and meshing them with our music. I feel like I’m moving in the right direction, for my own musical satisfaction, but I also hope other people enjoy it.”

The experimental element reveals itself in the playful call and response that rides the crisp percussive backbone of the tune proper. Pulling up to flex with creative interludes that elevate the soundscape and overall vibe of the cut, Cyantific impresses with his continued commitment to evolving his own sound.

This one drops tomorrow, Friday, May 7 via Viper Recordings so lock in your pre-save here: