Ministry of Sound locks in a massive collaboration between Danny Byrd and D Double E on the ultimate crossover anthem, “Selecta.”

Both artists are absolute legends in their respective scenes and while D Double E is perhaps best known for his untouchable lyrical flow in the Grime scene, in many ways he returns to where it all began for him as an pirate radio MC spitting bars on top of jungle beats.

The resulting “Selecta” is the perfect throwback to an era of high energy warehouse vibes ad the mid-90s drum and bass vibes run thick, ┬ácomplete with monster jungle-influenced breakdowns and OG rave horn samples.

Threading it all together is D Double E’s masterful flow that quite simply elevates the tun into anthem status for both the dancefloor and airwaves alike. Bump this one in your ride, your headphones, or prepare to skank out to this one when it drops at the club or arena — no matter where you hear it, the infectious energy is sure to lift you and the rest of the crew to new heights.

“Selecta” from Danny Byrd and D Double E is out now via Ministry of Sound so lock yours in here.