Having teased their collaborative undertaking for over a year now, DC Breaks and Loadstar finally unleash the first salvo in their long-awaited Opposition project. Launching their “61 Days, 9 Countries, 14 Cities, 1 Tour…” exactly one year ago, the intriguing “DC Breaks and Loadstar Presents Opposition” sub-heading on the tour promo made no other claims or promises about the project.

Still, fans were intrigued and with the self-titled “Opposition” tune having been rinsed on the VIP circuit for those in the know, the long-awaited ID has finally found a home on Bassrush Records. Back by a heavyweight VIP of “Higher” the double-barreled release is everything you’d expect from these masters of the dancefloor.

“Opposition” goes straight for the heart of the dancefloor right from the get-go with frenetic beats and switch after switch sure to have the heads bouncing off the walls. The dark and eerie atmospheres from the intro return at the breakdown provide a brief respite from the punishment before the dirty bounce at the core is resurrected in the second half of the tune and brings on the smash.

As if that wasn’t enough, the untouchable “Higher” gets the VIP treatment from the crew as Doktor’s inimitable vocals provide a proper dose of flex to a turbo-charged groove. Two anthems locked and loaded with Opposition making a massive debut on Bassrush Records. This one hits the streets today so download / stream your copy here.