Hot on the heels of their 15 Years of DC Breaks project, the legendary drum and bass duo continues to celebrate their decade and a half in the game with the first batch of theirĀ DCXV Remixes due to drop soon.

Featuring brand new remixes of classic tracks from their monumental back catalogue, the Ram Records’ stalwarts hand the reigns over to the likes of Magnetude, Levela, and Junk Mail for first round of remixes and the results are absolutely epic. From the dark and brooding Levela flip of “Step Up” to the neck-breaking heat of “Take That” from Magnetude, the EP delivers on all fronts. Still, even in the midst of such quality work, our eyes and ears are zeroed in on Junk Mail’s anthemic take on “Burning.”

Arriving just in time for festival season, the sweeping melodies and vocal hook give this one an extra boost of energy as the bass drives this one into the stratosphere. Having been holed up in our rooms for over a year, hearing a tune like this under the open sky surrounded by those you love is sure to make you cry tears of joy as the synth-hook at the core rises and falls and charts a course right for your battle-hardened heart.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere of Junk Mail’s ‘Burning’ below and hold tight as Ram Records and DC Breaks promise that more remixes are on the way.