TC and The Prototypes’ original track “Species” was already a heavy-hitter. However DC Breaks freshened it up a bit for us. Led by a snarling bass and whirling synths, DC Breaks introduces us to a new breed of Drum and Bass. The spacey and inspirational intro gives way to a gruesome drop. Along the ride, expect to be assaulted by pulsating percussion and blasts of energy beams. DC Breaks pays their respects to the original track while simultaneously taking it to another level. This remix most definitely could be a “cause which could unite us as a species.”


“We caned the original TC & Prototypes collab when it came out so when we were asked to do a remix we jumped at the chance,” DC Breaks tells Bassrush. “The reaction it’s been getting on the dance floor over the last few months has been great so hopefully we did the original justice and put a new spin on a DnB classic.”