Hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the duo known as DC Breaks burst onto the scene with a style that has yet to be matched. Able to flex it smooth and rough all in the same go, there’s no denying that the DC Breaks sound is one fine-tuned for the dancefloor.

To celebrate the milestone, the Ram Records stalwarts gather some of their favorite burners under the DCXV moniker, an album project stuffed with a mix of euphoric and filthy bits sure to keep you bubbling into the new year.

Chest-thumpers from the past year like “Back For More” and “Club Thug” sizzle alongside lyrically driven cuts like “We Never Slow Down” featuring Eva Lazarus and “Raise the Bar” with MC Coppa holding it down. Still, most heads will be heading straight to the unreleased cuts that the duo has held back for the album proper. From heartbreakers to head-crackers, it’s all here but none caught our attention quite like the creature we’re premiering today for the Bassrush faithful: “Grim Fandango.”

Dark and deadly with just enough of a streetwise edge to keep this one grimy enough for the mosh pit, the aggressive side of DC Breaks reigns supreme on “Grim Fandango” as they hammer down the walls and have us absolutely aching to bust out on the dancefloor when this one drops. Conjuring up pre-pandemic memories of being rammed into a sweaty room alongside all the drum and bass squad in the club, just imaging what this dirty drop would do to the dancefloor has us fired up and ready to rumble.

Check the heat below and lock your copy of this epic project in here¬†ahead of the full release on January 22. Speaking of which, “Grim Fandango” is available only as a USB-only exclusive and won’t be on the digital release so lock in your own Crystal and Chrome USB stick version of the album to gain access to all 11 tracks of the album, 7 bonus tracks, and 4 remastered classics alongside a full-length album mix.