DC Breaks
DC Breaks 'Shaman' VIP

As March charges on, the worldwide masses prepare to descend on Miami for the countless pool parties, club nights, and arena and festival sessions unleashed around the annual Winter Music Conference. And once again, Ram Records is in the driver’s seat with their RAMiami compilation set to blow doors when it’s unleashed March 16.

As a special treat, Ram has blessed Insomniac with a glimpse of what kind of heat the curated compilation is packing, as DC Breaks turns in an exclusive VIP re-lick of their monstrous hit “Shaman.” Transforming the already electrifying intro into an even more powerful and tension-building ride seems an impossible task, but the dynamic duo hammer it out and bring on the goosebumps before the full-throttle drop brings it all home in proper DC Breaks style. It’s an absolutely massive number that is sure to do maximum damage on the dancefloor.

Check the RAMiami shop for more info on the compilation, including a full track list, audio previews and preorder options.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac.com.