Hot on the heels of announcing that the former duo known as Decimate was going to be helmed by Ryan alone, the new solo version of the moniker drops a heavyweight four-tracker to ease the heartbreak and make sure the heads know that Decimate is here to stay.

While all the cuts on the Decimation Station EP feature Decimate hitting it hard on the deep and aggressive tip, the title cut is the one we’ve zeroed in on for this premiere as it sets the stage for the newfound flex that’s sure to be smashing up the dance all winter long.

A playful vocal-driven intro sets the scene for us as we are ushered into a world “on the outer reaches of the multiverse” where “a kingdom of bassheads” is patiently “awaiting their own destruction.” This “Decimation Station” is where the mayhem unfolds as a melodic slow-churning grind wastes no time in kicking open the synapses and bringing on a wonky rinse and scrub of your third eye. Dripping with a sideways lean throughout, Decimate eases up on the throttle just long enough for you to get your bearings before diving straight back down into the dizzying rabbit hole of this strychnine-laced world.

It’s a proper intro to the EP and to the new solo version of Decimate, the artist, and lucky for you, this one drops today on NSD: Black Label so lock yours in here.