Delta Heavy returning to center stage with the jaw-dropping brilliance of ‘Hydra’. The second release on their eponymous imprint, the release follows the recent success of ‘Ascend’ and sets the stage for what is sure to be even more stunning cuts still to come.

Right from the get-go, Delta Heavy carefully craft a soundscape of insistent stabs and ethereal atmospheres that serve to introduce listeners to the thematic elements that will soon drive the song from start to finish. As the energy builds, the elements begin to sizzle and Delta Heavy hammer it home as only they can do. With just the right amount of melodic pressure and dirty groove providing fuel for the dancefloor, ‘Hydra’ is a master class in how an urgent call and response between the layers can quicken the heart and get the body moving.

It’s one of those tunes that sneaks up on you and it isn’t until the dreamscape bridge between the second and first halves of the tune that you get a sense of just how addictive the hook-worthy elements are. With the twisted vocal hook worming its way into your heart and soul, expect nothing short of dancefloor bliss when you hear this one launched through the speakers.

Out now so download/stream here.