The legendary drum and bass duo Delta Heavy continue to raise the bar with each and every release. Having made their indelible mark on the drum and bass scene on legendary imprints ranging from Ram Records to UKF, the duo is about to level up once again with the launch of their self-titled label, ‘Delta Heavy’.

With their most recent releases on UKF gaining over 100,000 streams in one week alone, tunes like ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Work It’ and ‘Feel’ have racked up over 3.7 million streams!

With numbers like these, the anticipation is high as Delta Heavy embarks on the next stage of their journey with the first installment dropping just in time to have us chomping at the bit ahead of their appearance at EDC Las Vegas in a few weeks.

‘Ascend’ is the perfect introduction to the new imprint and one that is sure to solidify their legacy even further as it builds upon the DNA that have made them so successful. An epic intro takes its time building the cinematic energy before dropping into anthem territory with a rugged groove and hypnotic beat.

While there’s no word on when the second release on the imprint is due to drop, let’s hope their set on the BassPod features some exclusive IDs that can give us a glimpse at the future firepower the duo has in store.

Delta Heavy’s ‘Ascend’ is out now on their self-titled imprint so stream and buy yours here.