As Delta Heavy prepare to deliver the epic 24-track Only In Dreams: The Remixes project, we’re stoked to be able to finally unveil one of our favorite headbangers from the bunch featuring none other than the legendary LAXX. Nestled alongside heads ranging from drum and bass stalwarts like Shock One and Prolix all the way through to rising stars Kanine, Reaper, Hydraulix, DNMO and many more, the project bridges the gap between drum and bass, dubstep, melodic bass, and trap the same way that Delta Heavy often do live and in the studio.

A full-on remix album that includes two fresh remixes from Delta Heavy as well as an acoustic version of “Take Me Home,” the follow-up to their sophomore LP is destined to sit in a class all by itself.

LAXX’s take on the Delta Heavy and MUZZ collab “Revenge” features the producer at his peak powers as he transforms the original into an epic cinematic journey destined to transcend the dancefloor. From the retro-synth vibes of the intro on through to the heavy metal drop, LAXX takes his time winding up the energy before kicking down the doors and unleashing the beast within. Filthy switchbacks and a never-ending assault on the senses make this the one to drop when you’re ready to steamroll your way through the dancefloor.

Whether you’re ready to test this juggernaut on the decks or just want to bang your head in the privacy of your own home consider yourself warned as this one drops with the rest of the Only In Dreams: The Remixes on Ram Records this Friday, January 31. Pre-save yours here and see you on the dancefloor.