Des McMahon “Bad Habits"
Des McMahon “Bad Habits" Photo by Damascus Studio

The Los Angeles-based Des McMahon continues to make big moves with each and every release, as his latest for Santoku Records can attest. Following hot on the heels of his appearance on Viper and Bassrush Records’ Bassrush 3.0 album compilation, the ever-impressive producer goes all in for the tech-tinged four-tracker he’s dropping on Santoku.

While the entire No Need to Speak EP is firing on all cylinders, we’re stoked to be able to deliver an exclusive premiere of “Bad Habits” off the EP. Featuring eerie atmospherics on a sci-fi horror tip, Des wastes no time flexing on the sound design before dumping straight into a stomping crusher centered on a wall of bass. Unfolding like the death march of some alien army, the minimalist percussive groove underneath it all continues to evolve throughout giving this one an extra-layer of depth that makes it perfect for getting lost to under the stars just as much as it will have the kids thumping their chests on the dancefloor.

This one drops on October 15 so lock in your pre-order of the full No Need to Speak EP here.