The third single from DIESEL’s upcoming Gorilla Warfare LP just dropped and its a proper heater! Featuring none other than la Reina del bass Jessica Audiffred, the aptly titled “No Fear” is an adrenaline-infused collab designed for maximum impact on the dancefloor.

With both producer/DJs coming off a massive summer of festival appearances, eagle-eyed fans will recognize the hypnotic hook that swerves to center stage once the smoke clears from the drop. With well-placed laser stabs, vocal hooks, and straight-up monster stomping bass throughout, the atmospheric interlude is the perfect gateway into the genre-flipping second half sure to have you and the squad bouncing off the walls.

The highly anticipated collab that first took root on Twitter absolutely crushed the masses at Forbidden Kingdom when the pair first debuted it to a crowd and now it’s headed your way via the ever-essential Monstercat Uncaged imprint.

As Jessica tells it: “This was a super special collab for me because I’ve always admired Shaq, he’s a legend, so when he mentioned me on Twitter saying he wanted to do a collab with me I was shocked, I had a track that I’d been working on for a while that I thought of as a festival weapon but it wasn’t quite ready for release, so I sent it to him and he loved it, he added his touch and his vocal which really brought it to life. I grabbed a sample from a kids’ choir and all together resulted in “no fear”, releasing this track on Monstercat is perfect because you can definitely hear our styles meshed together, I met Shaq in person for the very first time at Forbidden Kingdom in Orlando and he invited me on stage with him, we immediately clicked, he’s an amazing person and you can tell we’re both excited about this song!”

Shaq’s own respect for Jessica is obvious when he offers up his own thoughts on the release: “Jessica is a special artist. We first linked up when I tweeted at her asking if she wanted to do a collab. She sent me a track she was working on and I loved it. I threw some vocals on it and had some other ideas and ‘NO FEAR’ was born. We’re pumped to be releasing the record on Monstercat because we’re both part of the labels family. I think we both knew we had a banger when we dropped it together at Forbidden Kingdom. It was bananas!”

As DIESEL prepares for his first-ever “Shaq’s Bass All Stars Festival in Texas next month, fans of the larger than life dubstep don are sure to be even more hyped that DIESEL’s full-length Gorilla Warfare album is set to drop on August 18th so be sure to lock in your pre-save and Spotify countdown here! In the meantime, be sure to feed your bass-loving hunger on “No Fear” which is out now across all platforms. Check it.