Dieselboy’s 12 Drum and Bass Highlights of 2017
Dieselboy’s 12 Drum and Bass Highlights of 2017

2017 has been kind to Dieselboy, America’s iconic D&B visionary, DJ/producer and label head.  Adding to his ever-growing catalog on Human and Subhuman, this year has seen fierce signings from the likes of Mark the Beast and Des McMahon. The NYC-based badman continues to top his previous output with each new endeavor, recently reigniting the legendary Planet of the Drums crew with AK1200, Dara and MC Messinian.

After a wicked year of shows and beats, Damian Higgins (aka Dieselboy) shares 12 D&B shredders that totally made his 2017. Help Dieselboy summon a sick New Year at Countdown as he’ll be serving up tons of thrashing bass December 30 so get your tickets here and see you in the pit this NYE!

Dieselboy, Bare & Mark the Beast ft. Armani Reign “Demolition”
“We set out to make a 175 BPM tune that sounded like nothing else in drum & bass. “Demolition” combines elements of DnB, trap, metal and dubstep with explosive vocals from Armanni Reign. I’ve seen people lose their absolute shit over this tune.”

Noisia & Upbeats “Dead Limit” (Outer Edges VIP)
“A remix of the biggest tune of 2016. A deadly drum & bass nuclear warhead with the incredible level of production detail that you would expect from these boys.”

1991 “VHS”
“An unsung tune to be sure but one of my favorites from 2017. A sinister vibe all around with nuanced sounds but a surprising level of bouncing jump-up on the drop. Really just an amazing sounding track. Love it.”

Sound in Noise “Duppy Bass”
“This one from the artist formerly known as DJ Sin from Russia came out of left field for me. With deep nods to classic drum & bass breaks and energy but with an updated almost 4/4 sort of drum machine rhythm pattern­—fucking fantastic.”

Mr. Frenkie “Bass Symptom”
“I play this tune every set. Inspiring to see this level of detail in a track from a brand new producer. Has all of the things I like in a banger­: a dope and effective vocal, an almost old school sort of synth arrangement in the breakdown, and then a leviathan drop with endless slabs of punishing low end.”