Digging Deeper with Leotrix
Digging Deeper with Leotrix

Hailing from Australia on a mission to obliterate the scene with soul-crushing beats, 20-year-old producer Leotrix is a force to be reckoned with. Yep, you read that correctly—just 20 years old. With his own concoction of spine-tingling beats and experimental sound design, Leotrix leaves no stone unturned when exploring his craft. It’s no surprise that his innovative mind has earned him well-deserved recognition from some of the most notable producers and imprints alike, while he tackles the arena of bass music with a vengeance.

Most recently, Leotrix took hold of the ever-growing circuit of rising talent with The Hive EP out on NSD: Black Label which has solidified his place in the industry and showcases his promising career ahead. We decided to chat with the man himself to dig a little deeper into the inspiration of The Hive EP, his initial introduction into bass music, what’s on the horizon, and more. If you’re keen on learning a bit more of what makes Leotrix a special asset to the growing community, peep the chat below.

Leotrix’s The Hive EP is out now on NSD: Black Label! Make sure to take a listen below, grab your copy here and keep your eyes locked.

How are you doing? We’re excited to connect with you?
I’m doing great! Things have been crazy lately with some really cool opportunities coming up each day. I really appreciate everything coming my way!

I want to dive right into your latest project with NSD: Black Label, the Hive EP. What was your writing process like?
It’s a body of work that feels like it came together really naturally. The timing of everything was perfect, honestly. My approach to writing this EP was trying to write music that fits both a theme or scenario I created in my head, but also make it fun and not overcomplicate it. “Hive Bounce” was written in the theme of a digital hive-mind that represented the digital networks and technology in which we share ideas—musically, in particular—but I also wanted to create this kind of story where my followers and I try to escape the digital hive-mind through the outlet of music.

Most of the tracks on the EP are gritty and have a heavy underground sound. Is that what you were trying to go for artistically?
I was definitely trying to aim for something gritty and almost dystopian in the tracks themselves.

Do you have a favorite track on the project?
I think “Hive Bounce” will change my life forever so that is my favorite track on the EP in that regard but I’m also super proud of “Nice One,” sound design-wise. It’s funny because everyone has a different favorite from the EP. A lot of people were keen for “Hive Bounce,” but then they heard the other tracks and got a chance to appreciate them as just as much.

You’re only 20 years old and you’ve got a release on a huge label! How did that relationship come about?
Honestly, I’m definitely not the youngest in the game anymore. I did start young, though, and it seems all the new producers popping up are really young. Moore Kismet is probably the best example because he signed to Never Say Die at like 13 or 14.

My relationship with Never Say Die came about when Marauda had been playing out an early demo of “Hive Bounce.” There was a particular clip of him playing it at his previous show in Brisbane, Australia, which my friend KANAAN showed me on Facebook. The crowd was going fucking wild for it and both Marauda and someone else from behind went to wheel it back at the same time. Anyway, I uploaded the clip to Twitter and it gained some traction. Some bigger artists started hitting me up for an early copy of “Hive Bounce” including the man himself, SKisM. After I sent him the track, he asked me if I wanted to write an EP around it, and that’s how the whole EP came to be! So yeah, big love and appreciation to Marauda and SKisM.

Can you talk a little bit about how you first got into production? How old were you and how long have you been producing for?
I first got into production hearing guys like Skrillex, Zomboy, and Pendulum when I was 12 and I always wondered how they made their sounds. I started out by trying to emulate their sounds and went from there. I’ve been producing for almost eight years now!

What initially piqued your interest in the world of production?
I think I knew from the very beginning that one day I could take my career somewhere, but I have had multiple significant moments that have convinced me of the path ahead for me. I think one of my favorite moments was when I played my first headline set in Sydney at an event called The Wall, which was previously held at the infamous World Bar (RIP). After playing that show covered in sweat, ears ringing out, and feeling mega euphoric because I got to play my own tunes in front of people was when I knew there was more to come.

If you could describe your music to someone who has never heard it before, how would you do so?
I think my music is energetic even in times when I’m writing more downtempo or chilled out stuff. There is an energy or real powerful feeling behind it. That is what I’m aiming for with my music.

Who was the first producer who discovered your music and reached out?
I don’t know if I can pinpoint the first producer, but guys like Hydraulix, Oski, TYNAN, Ray Volpe, Enschway, Odd Mob, Tisoki, Borgore, Moody Good, and SKisM have helped me out a lot. Getting to know these guys has been really awesome as I was previously just a big fan of their music. Feels awesome to have them supporting my music.

Do you have any exciting upcoming treats you can share with us and your fans?
I don’t want to give too much away but I have my biggest collab so far dropping at the end of this year.

Before we wrap things up here, are they any last shout-outs you would like to give?
Shout-out to LANKI who worked on the track “Make Death” with me for the Hive EP! He has some really exciting music coming. Shout-out to Jack Slade, that dude is low-key the future of music altogether. Shout-out to my managers Jamie and Ari and my booking agent Alex, I wouldn’t be here without you guys. Shout-out to Josh Cassidy, OHNO, SØL, Turlow, KANAAN and the rest of the TW crew. You guys are all making super cool music and I’m excited to see you all grow as artists.