Alongside label stalwarts Dr. Apollo, Skellytn, MEL, Casper Levy, and Virtue, the Los Angeles-based Dip Vertigo joins the ranks of future legends on the Ram Records pipeline with the saxophone-infused “A Jazz Ting” on ProgRAM Records’ massiveĀ RE:PROGRAMMED compilation project.

While all ten tracks on the project continue to secure ProgRAM’s place in drum and bass history as an imprint worthy of its own legacy, we thought we’d zero in on Dip Vertigo’s goosebump-inducing dancefloor dreamer as it not only stands out in today’s world of upfront in-your-face bass-driven drops, but also because it features the live flex of Devoe on the saxophone elements.

As Dip Vertigo tells us: “Jeff [Devoe] andĀ I had a great time making this tune together. I sent him a very basic sketch and he sent back killer tenor sax parts that got me so inspired that I finished it faster than any other tune I’ve made. I sent my mixdown to Jim at Ram and he got back to me the next day asking to sign it, which honestly shocked the hell out of me just because it’s so jazzy.”

Don’t just take our word for it, dive into Dip Veritigo’s “A Jazz Ting” below for a proper journey into the more atmospheric side of the liquid dnb universe before checking the rest of the heat the full RE:PROGRAMMED EP is kicking as it’s out now on all streaming and digital download platforms.