Bassrush Records continues to smash on all fronts, quickly emerging as the preferred outlet for bass music luminaries across the board. While the output is always aimed at the dancefloor, the imprint allows for unlimited creative freedom and the ability for artists to flex solo or in collab mode with their favorite crew.

Enter Dirty Audio and Zeke Beats, who flip the script on their contribution to the cause with the tech-and-breakbeat-tinged “Mind” the perfect send-off into the weekend. As Zeke tells us, “I’m really excited to share this one with you guys. It’s such a heated banger that is guaranteed to melt your face off. Making this with Andrew [Dirty Audio] was a lot of fun and we feel like we nailed the perfect balance between his sound and mine.”

Easing into things with a sci-fi retro vibe, once the vocal drop rings the alarm, the track dumps into a synapse-frying twist that tugs at the heartstrings as much as its guaranteed to push the dancefloor to the edge of oblivion. From the laser-focused highs to the shimmering midrange hook all the way to the belly-churning bottom end, it’s obvious that Dirty Audio and Zeke Beats go all in and hopefully lay the foundation for similar collabs in the future.