Wasting no time kicking down the doors, Dirty Audio returns to center stage with this jaw-dropping four-tracker for the Barong Family. Aptly titled Unbreakable, the EP features a host of heavyweight collaborators and provides the foundation for what is sure to be another breakout year for Dirty Audio in 2023.

Razor-sharp laser business with GAWM kicks off the title cut, “Unbreakable.” The dank vibe that creeps and crawls its way to the distorted heart of the beast proper makes for a wild and wooly ride into the haunted headspace that Dirty Audio seems to craft so well.

Toss the streetwise flow of Drumma into the mix on “Step It Up” and things take a swerve into classic trap banger territory. Expect for heads to spin as this one makes those subwoofers bounce, paving the way forĀ $teven Cannon and Typhon to push things to the breaking point on “Sweat.” Bridging classic trap with a new-school bass-and-dubstep influenced energy makes for a tune designed for maximum dancefloor destruction.

Before the sting can even wear off, expect to “Hit the Gas” as Dirty Audio takes control in solo mode and brings it all home with a high octane synapse-smasher of the highest order. The entire EP is a testament to the untouchable vision and skills that Dirty Audio brings to each and every project.

It’s a massive release and one that is sure to serve as a launching pad into even bigger things in the coming year so keep your eyes and ears open for Dirty Audio to keep crushing.

This one’s out now so lock and load yours here.